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Cheng Man Ch’ing moved to Taiwan from Mainland China in 1949 and Ben Lo became his first patient. Ben was also the first person in Taiwan to study T’ai Chi with the Professor. He thus became known as Professor Cheng’s “first student.” This video was taken in the late 1980s at the Inner Research Institute by Michael Jang. It shows the sword form, the 37 posture single movements, and an interview with Ben by Martin Inn. A key feature of this video is Ben’s execution of the sword form, which he had originally learned from the Professor in four days.

This version of Ben’s sword form differs in flavor from what the Professor later taught. It maintains the flair of older, more classical movements learned by the Professor from Yang Cheng-fu. The 140 still photos of Ben Lo doing the sword form was also taken by Michael Jang. Included in this video is the only set of still photos taken by Ben Lo of Professor Cheng executing the sword form. This is the earliest documentation of the Professor’s sword form.

Martin Inn
Inner Research Institute
Fall 2016

Included in the DVD is a discussion on T’ai Chi, a historical background of Professor’s Cheng, and Mr. Lo’s personal history with him.


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